edible wedding cake decorations

I am sure you have probably seen many wedding cakes that don't even look edible. This is because they aren't! Yes, as ridiculous as it may seem, there are actually cakes that are there simply for decoration! Now if you are considering buying one of these cakes, then that is entirely your decision, but if you want to be able to eat your wedding cake then you should consider buying a wedding cake that is actually edible. Make sure you specify to the baker that you want your cake to made entirely of edible products. After all you don't want a small child swallowing something that isn't edible because most of the cake is edible and some parts aren't.

You can still have a very fancy cake and have the entire cake be edible. Fondant is a very shiny frosting that appears to be non-edible because it is so smooth and shiny, however fondant is not only edible but it is absolutely delicious! There are many things that can make your cake look amazing that are actually edible. For example, did you know that gold is edible? Yes, and so is silver! Both of these metals can be used to lace your cake, and not only are they edible but they are actually good for you! Culinary bakers now have the ability to design a cake that replicates just about anything in the world, and have it be entirely edible! Take a look at this incredible edible cake made with pearl dust! :