Wedding Cupcake Decorations

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Wedding cupcakes are very good alternative to wedding cakes because they cost less, and they can offer the guests more of a variety. Some people choose to have both a wedding cake and wedding cupcakes. If you have chosen to have wedding cupcakes at your wedding, then you will want to include some decorations with them to make them more appealing to the eye. Most people choose to have their wedding cupcakes placed on a tier setup as shown in the picture above, instead of having them laid out flat on the table.

Also, the toppings on the cupcakes also make a difference in their appearance, and it may be best to include some sprinkles or another form of topping. It is best to decorate the stand that the cupcakes are on as well. The above example is a 5 tier glass fixture covered in a shiny material to add flare. You'll notice that the top has a mini cake on it with a topper of ribbons and hearts. Also, take note of how the colors or flavors of the cupcakes are alternated every other cupcake. So try not to have too many cupcakes in a row that are the same color, as you do not want your cupcake display to look plain.