Wedding Cake Decoration Flowers

Flowers are also very popular on wedding cakes as well. Flowers are some of the most beautiful things that occur in nature, and they have been a symbol of love for as long as tradition has existed. Flowers are a sign of a new beginning as well, because they symbolize the beginning of the spring when all new life rises from the earth. Aside from these symbolic meanings the flowers are also just purely beautiful overall.

Some people choose to have real flowers put atop their cakes, while others decide to have fake edible flowers made of frosting decorating their cake. Alternatively, you can decide to have both fake and real flowers, with the fake flowers being the cake topper. Some of the most popular flowers on wedding cakes are roses. As you can see in the picture above, it is also popular to have a wide array of flowers in an assortment on your cake. The flowers go beautifully with berries and leaves as you can see in the above picture. Some people like to keep the flowers form their wedding cakes in a case for safe keeping so that they can use them to reminisce on their wedding in the years to come.

flowers decorations