Golden Wedding Cake Decorations

As you can see in the picture above, there are many people who choose to have their wedding cake decorated with gold. You may think this is odd, but gold is actually very edible, in fact it has been proven to be healthy for you. Gold helps maintain and restore crucial brain functions such as memory and multi tasking abilities, and it is also said to boost energy! Aside from being healthy for you, it looks absolutely amazing on a wedding cake and it is sure to inspire a few oohs and aahs at your wedding.

Now of course, you could not eat a block of gold, because you couldn't chew it and you would most likely choke on it! But the gold used to lace wedding cakes is ground into super fine particles and then made into a paste, frosting, or spray. Eating gold like this is completely safe and presents absolutely no side effects. Many people like to use gold leafs to decorate their wedding cake, and gold is also used in certain wines! There are also chocolates and many other edibles that contain gold. If gold is one of your favorite colors then you are in for a treat, because you can have you entire wedding be gold themed! From the plates, to the wine, to the cake and even the chocolates! You can even garnish the dinner dishes with gold!


golden wedding cake decoration