Funny Wedding Cake Decorations

Many people are very serious about their wedding. In fact they are so serious that they become stressed out about it, and they make the entire experience un-enjoyable! A wedding is supposed to be one of the funnest times in your life if not the funnest, so there is absolutely no reason for you to be wound up or uptight about it. A wedding should be a time for you and your friends and family to laugh and be marry. This is why wine is present! What better way to cause a few laughs then to have a hilarious wedding topper atop your cake! The picture above suggests that the woman is wearing the pants in the family.

If you were to see this at a wedding, I am pretty sure it would cause you to laugh very hard. This is just on example of funny wedding cake decorations. The possibilities are truly endless! I am sure you have seen the videos of people being pranked on their wedding day. Well this is an alternative to pranking someone, without running the risk of hurting someones feelings! So why not give your guests something to laugh and joke about at your wedding!

funny decorations