Butterfly Wedding Cake Decorations

As you can see by the cake below, butterflies look very good on wedding cakes. Many people choose to only have a butterfly topper, while others like to go all out and have the entire cake adorned with butterfly decorations as in the example above. Butterflies have always been a symbol of love, beauty and peace in many cultures around the world. There is something about a butterfly that makes them irresistible to the human eye. Is it because they are perfectly symmetrical? Or is it because of their outlandish color schemes? Maybe it is the way they fly so elegantly through the air as if they are flying with no effort at all. Whatever it is it is certainly not going to go away any time soon and I am sure that in the future human beings will find even more uses for the butterfly decorations.

Butterfly wedding cake decorations are a great way for you to decorate your wedding cake, without spending a lot of money as well. There are even edible butterfly decorations that you can decorate your cake with, but some people don't like the idea of eating butterflies! Maybe the reason why people like butterfly wedding cake decorations so much is because it helps to get rid of the butterflies you feel in your stomach before the ceremony!

Butterfly Wedding Cake Decoration