So you have made up your mind about what you want your wedding dress or suit to look like, how you want your invitations made, what your wedding program will consist of, what type of music your wedding is going to play, how many guests are going to attend it, where it is going to take place and even the flavor of the cake you are going to buy! But you STILL haven't considered what type of decorations you want on your cake! Well this is not surprising, many people simply allow the baker to choose the style and decoration of their cake for them, without every adding any of their own input. If you do not want to do this, and you would rather have some kind of say on what your wedding cake will look like then you have found the right website. Here we will show you many different types of wedding cake styles and decorations, so that you may have all of the information needed to make a well thought out and educated decision.

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There are so many types of cake decorations to choose from, and many of them are just as beautiful as the next, so at times it can be hard to pick which one would be the best for your cake. In order to narrow down your choices you will need a set of guidelines to follow, so that you can pick your favorite decorations based on the process of elimination. The most important decoration you will need to decide on is the cake topper. The cake topper is the ornament that is placed on top of the cake. Most NORMAL wedding cakes simply have bride and groom figurines standing atop the cake together. However recently the wedding cake industry has become more innovative over the past decade and people are now starting to put other things on their cake. One alternative that has become really popular is the use of real flowers for cake toppers. Other like to keep the decorations to a minimum and opt for a simple bow on top of the cake.

Once you have your topper, it is time to conceptualize the rest of the cakes design. You do not necessarily have to design the entire cake by yourself, but it is good to have some kind of input. Start by choosing the colors that you want present in your cake frosting. You are probably used to the idea of wedding cakes coming in all white, but don't be afraid to be unconventional and select a unique color scheme like the cake below! Once you have selected the colors and the topper, it is time to think of a design type that you like. What shape do you want the cake to be? How many tiers high will it be? What will the frosting design type be? Do you want a flowery design or something a little bit more creative? All of these questions will help you brainstorm to decide the finished outcome of your cake. Hopefully, with a little bit of hard thinking and inspiration, you will have a cake that looks amazing!

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